She believed  she could,

so she did it


She believed  she could,

so she did

For two decades, Connie Cave has worked as a designer in some of Texas’ finest residents. During that time, she became passionate about your homes and lifestyles, including the air you breath. Scents have the ability to transform a space to create an ambiance of luxury. For years, she searched for the perfect scents-perfumes that would elevate a space while remaining clean over time, scents that are pure, that elevate your living spaces to the next level of refinement.

Ma’czarati Luxury Home Fragrances were created out of the beautiful, southern Texas cedar and cypress wood blended with ancient spices.

ROYAL ASCOT-Woody, spicy and earthy

The Royal Ascot transports one to the English study complete with deep leather chairs and slightly spicy scents of vetiver and cardamom. The undertones of sandalwood and cedar wood round out the experience giving the overall feeling of woods and spice and earth.


UNDER SADDLE-Woody, fresh

Under Saddle reminds one of wide verandas and slower, more romantic times. The subtle complexity of oud and bergamot make this cypress wood scent rich with the fresh, clean scent of the woods.

MAHOGANY BAY-Sweet, woody, spicy

Mahogany Bay is the scent for an entire home. Violet, amber, and Madagascar vanilla offer an effortless scent that envelopes your home in rich opulence and quiet serenity. Neither too feminine or masculine, the balanced scent will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests of a quiet, more peaceful time.


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